Evan Winch

Editor/ Sound Designer/ Storyteller

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Evan Winch is an award winning picture editor, assistant editor and sound effects editor who recently graduated from Humber College.

His recent accomplishments have included: working as an assistant picture and sound effects editor on the short films, "Longa Distância," "Dinner for Five" and "Long Long Time." He also worked as an editor on "The Last Time You Made Me Breakfast" and the Austin Indie Festival Finalist "La Soliste." 

In the spring of 2020, he performed the conforms on several episodes of the TVO Kids show "Leo's FishHeads" while also cutting trailers for social media and creating motion graphics for use in the show.

His short film "Metro" was the recipient of a Silver Remy at Austin WorldFest.

Director: The Cardinal

Charlie Steele

Evan is an honest and open collaborator. When you work with Evan a safe environment to discuss ideas and experiment is quickly established; he wants only what is best for the film. Evan does a great job of getting into

your head as a filmmaker and trying to approach the cut on your terms, he quickly becomes a trusted friend of the film.

Working with Evan was a wonderful experience. If given the opportunity I would certainly work with him again. His best qualities are his relentless work ethic and attention to detail. Evan is a person that can handle responsibility and will always deliver a professional product. He’s a uniquely kind, generous, and hardworking person that any employer would be so lucky to have.


Eric Tomj

Producer: Long Long Time

Evan’s contribution to our film has exceeded my expectations.  He has quickly become one of my most valued collaborators and creative partners. His dedication, excellent communication skills, accountability and work ethic have made him an essential part of my creative team.


During his time working with my company as an assistant editor, Evan showed extreme proficiency with both Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve software.

Evan’s work was extremely organized, efficient and was of the highest caliber.


I would highly recommend Evan and I hope to work with Evan again on future projects for ET Productions.

Billy McCormick 

Editor: FishHeads

Evan has been a strong contributor to the post team. He showed the qualities of someone who is eager to learn, adaptable to new environments and passionate to succeed.

He showed these qualities all while maintaining a professional manner.


From day one he stepped up and wanted to get right into work. He is a fast learner who was able to observe and then smoothly implement these methods into his work.

Evan showed his professionalism day in and day out without hesitation to ask any questions along the way.  

When asked to participate and assist on a given project, Evan was willing and ready to perform the tasks. 





Solace                               Humber College                        2017

                                            (3 minute short)

Filmmaker U                        Filmmaker U                            2019

Educational Essays             (3-10 minute)

Will Walker Live                   WWMUSIC                             2018

Performance Video              (3 minute)

Crossing                            Humber College                       2020

                                           (7 minute short)

The Last Time You            Humber College                       2020

Made Me Breakfast          (11 Minute Short)

La Soliste                          Humber College                        2018

                                                (4 minute)



Dinner For Five               Humber College                        2019

                                          (10 minute short)

Keeping Time                   Humber College                        2020

                                           (10 minute short)

The Sky Is Blue,                Humber College                         2020

Kalthoum                          (15 minute short)

Longa Distância               Humber College                         2020

                                           (15 minute short)

Leo's FishHeads                 Fifth Ground                              2020


Long Long Time               ET Productions                          2020

                                           (5 minute short)


Graphics/Sound Editorial

METRO                             Humber College                        2019

                                         (5 Minute Short Doc)                  Mixer

Longa Distância                Humber College                        2020

                                           (15 minute Short)                         SFX

Long Long Time              ET Productions                           2020

                                         (5 Minute Short)                            SFX

The Sky Is Blue,                Humber College                        2020

Kalthoum                   (15 Minute Minute Short)                 Mixer

Leo's FishHeads                 Fifth Ground                            2020

                                            Entertainment                       Graphics

Educational                         Filmmaker U                             2020

Content                              (3-10 Minutes)                        Graphics



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